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Attracting Abundance Newsletter

ISSUE #79:
New Jersey Shore -- April 23-25, 2009 -- "The Vibration of Abundance Retreat" -- Treat yourself to 3 full days of raising your vibration using Law of Attraction, EFT and advanced vibrational medicine techniques to create your personal and individualized vibration of abundance.  Release any remaining blocks you may have to being completely congruent with the life you want so you can start living it with joy and passion! Visit
Galway, Ireland -- May 15-17, 2009 -- "Advanced Applications of EFT" -- Join me in beautiful Galway, Ireland to learn advanced EFT skills for the following topics:  Day One -- Clearing Addictions, Day Two -- Pain Relief, and Day Three -- Attracting Abundance. For details and to register, please visit
 Energize Your Wealth Vibration...
Everything has a vibration about it --- our voices, our names, our homes, even colors.  Whether we want "wealth" in our relationships, our physical health, our business or our bank accounts, we need to first look at what our current vibration is about achieving this desired level of wealth. 
What is the quality of your wealth vibration right now?
When you think about being "wealthy" in any or all parts of your life, how do you truly feel? Is your wealth vibration high? Joyful? Fearful? Conflicted?
If we all think about it, we'd have to admit that we probably do have some emotional conflicts about being "wealthy."  Just saying the word "wealth" evokes a certain uncomfortable vibration for many people.  Identifying and erasing these conflicts about becoming successful and wealthy in your life with EFT is incredibly simple and will allow you to immediately energize your wealth vibration.  And remember, you need to change your vibration on a topic first before you see anything change materially.  Once you energize your wealth vibration, you will change what you bring into your life.
Because of our backgrounds and experiences, we all have different "reasons" to block physical, emotional or spiritual wealth in our lives.  What are your particular conflicts about being wealthy, healthy or happy in your job or relationships?  Ask yourself the following key questions and be honest about the answers.  Then you will have some new tapping targets for EFT.
Are you aware of which friends or family 
members might be jealous of your wealth?
What is the "downside" to being wealthy?
How does it serve you to keep struggling?
What, if any, are the reasons
you may be resisting wealth?
What is the "upside"
to staying financially stuck?
Please remember that the answers to these questions don't have anything to do with the economy. They simply reflect your energetic vibration about financial, emotional or physical wealth.  If you can energize your wealth vibration, you will change what you draw into your life. 
Improving your wealth vibration with EFT is simple, but you have to do the work!  
(1) Identify the blocks to a totally healthy wealth vibration.  (Examples of these blocks may be fear of other people's reactions, worry about maintaining the success, attachment to the struggle, etc.)
(2) Clear these conflicts/blocks with EFT.  (Take each identified "conflict" about becoming wealthy and use it as your "target" for your EFT session.)
(3) Appreciate your newly energized wealth vibration and enjoy watching your life change. 
Try the EFT setup phrases below to help you erase the blocks to having a joyful wealth vibration. 

The EFT SETUP Phrases for this topic are as follows:

While tapping the karate chop spot on either hand, repeat these phrases out loud, (or change the words to fit your exact situation).

"Even though I have some surprising conflicts about being wealthy in all areas of my life, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway."

"Even though my wealth vibration is lower than I thought it was, I accept who I am and how I feel."
"Even though I have emotional conflicts to becoming wealthy, I choose to accept who I am and how I feel."
I have indicated where to tap while saying each of the phrases below. You may repeat the positive round more than once if you wish. (Those of you who are new to EFT may view a chart of the spots on my web site under the EFT pages.)
***Now for the phrases that focus on the problem***
Eyebrow: "I didn't know I had hidden conflicts about being wealthy."
Side of Eye: "I didn't know I was conflicted about being successful and wealthy."
Under Eye: "My wealth vibration is not very abundant right now."
Nose: "I have a very fearful wealth vibration."
Chin: "I have all these surprising conflicts about being wealthy."
Collarbone: "I thought I wanted wealth in all areas of my life."
Under Arm: "I intend to improve my wealth vibration."
Head: "I am considering releasing my fearful wealth vibration."
***Now for the positive focus on the solution***
Eyebrow: "I choose to release my personal conflicts about wealth."
Side of Eye: "I want to release my family's conflicts about wealth."
Under Eye: "I intend to release my conflicts about other people's reactions to my becoming wealthy."
Nose: "When I think about wealth, I feel more relaxed already."
Chin: "When I think about being wealthy, it feels more congruent."
Collarbone: "I love feeling safe and wealthy now."
Under Arm: "I accept that my circumstances reflect my wealth vibration."
Head: "I'm ready to release the blocks to an abundant wealth vibration."
Keep tapping, and enjoy the results of energizing your wealth vibration!
Enjoy over 5 hours of clutter clearing audio files with EFT Master Carol Look and EFT Coach Rick Wilkes as they lead you through a wide variety of revealing and uplifting EFT releasing exercises.  Whether you have been collecting clutter in your home, office, body or mind, these exceptional audio recordings and companion pdf transcripts will help you understand and release the underlying emotional reasons you've been holding onto too much "stuff."  And as you release your emotional and material clutter, watch the Law of Attraction start to work in your favor as you now have room to allow abundance to flow into your life!  For more details and ordering information, please visit
"If you’ve spent time grappling with any sort of clutter, then you’ve probably suspected that this uphill battle has more to do with emotional resistance than technique.  Carol Look and Rick Wilkes have created a comprehensive and easy to follow program that combines multiple insights into what keeps us stuck with advanced EFT skills to release this challenge from all areas of our lives... Clearing up these cluttering emotions has freed up new space in my life for abundance --- I’ve attracted and seen more clients this week than ever before! Thank you Carol and Rick for your great skill, effectiveness and generosity so clearly evident in Clearing Clutter with EFT.  I have already begun to recommend this program to clients and colleagues.
Beth Sorger, LCSW, EFT Practitioner 
"The Vibration of Abundance"  -- 12 audio CD set 
Now you can listen in and tap to my clear, step by step instructions about how to raise your vibration with this new set of audio CDs on the topic of attracting abundance. Enjoy approximately 13 hours of audio material to help you identify and release all the remaining emotional, spiritual and physical barriers to creating the abundant life that you deserve. 
"These 12 new Vibration of Abundance CD's are put together exceptionally well. I can tap along with Carol anywhere --- walking my dog, on the boardwalk or riding on the train to work. Listening and following along with her clears out my mind for the day and gives me a boost of energy! Anyone who is an EFT practitioner or just wants to learn "the art of delivery" of EFT will find these CD's full of depth and insight. When I tap along with with Carol, it's as if she were right there with me. Thank you, Carol for being a true master at what you do!"

Annie Siegel, EFTCert - I
The first 6 audio CDs --- 6 hours, 40 minutes
Get energized and raise your vibration as you learn how to move from scarcity consciousness to prosperity consciousness to expand your life of success while listening to the first 6 CDs. Topics covered include guilt, fear, shame, anger, the "downside" of success, safety issues, fear of losing identity, deserving issues, releasing procrastination, releasing financial anxiety and why it's not "safe" to stand out.
The next 6 audio CDs --- 6 hours, 20 minutes
The final 6 CDs are recordings of "live" sessions with people like you and me who struggle with a variety of blocks to attracting abundance in their lives.  You will be able to tune in and tap along as they identify their limiting beliefs and work with me using EFT to finally release these abundance blocks.
Visit for details on topics, tapping themes and session content.
Enjoy 4 hours of advanced EFT with EFT Master, Carol Look and a very special 90 minute "Bonus DVD" of the keynote lecture presented by neurologist and trauma specialist, Dr. Robert Scaer.
I recently received this testimonial from a respected integrative medical doctor who practices on the East Coast about the Pain Relief DVDs:
"Carol's Denver DVD's are the epitome of artistry, compassion, connection, validation, bonding, EFT skills and insight!  To paraphrase one volunteer in her workshop, “You really do get it, don't you!” Carol is "right on" as if she gets into each individual's brain and heart. There is a warm, serious, respectful and yet sometimes humorous flow throughout. I am still blown away by these DVD's and I am still reviewing them daily.
Professionally, they have changed my practice dramatically. Even though I have had great results with my clients this has escalated my practice to an entirely new level. Personally it's been invaluable as well. It all resonates so much and I have experienced dramatic new insights and changes. Carol, thanks for all of this and for being you."
EFT Master, Carol Look combines cutting edge theory from the field of vibrational medicine with advanced applications of EFT throughout these 4 hours of workshop presentations excerpted from her cutting edge workshop, "A Vibrational Approach to Healing Pain and Illness."  Learn how to clear the emotional contributors to your (and your clients') physical issues. Tap along as Carol helps participants unravel the history and erase the links between physical pain, emotional conflicts, and bodily limitations.  DVD themes include Clearing Ancestral Pain, The "Downside" of Getting Well Again, and Releasing Stored Conflict in Your Body.
For complete details on these newly released, life-changing DVDs, visit 
Enjoy my expanded 2nd edition of the Attracting Abundance with EFT e-book and paperback. Visit here for details. 
***Attracting Abundance DVDs
 Success and Abundance with EFT & Law of Attraction
---5 hours---Enjoy feeling powerful energetic shifts as you watch this "live" workshop with 250 people tapping to clear their limiting beliefs to open the door to receiving prosperity.  Raise your vibration instantly!
***The EFT Documentary"Try It On Everything"  
This heartening DVD shows a group of participants searching for relief from a variety of ailments after years of suffering. Thanks to EFT, they find the relief they have been looking for.  As you view the DVD, we invite you to tap along with the participants and learn from well known experts and teachers as they explore the advantages of using our own energy to better our lives. The updated version of the DVD is available now.
Past Newsletters
If you are a newcomer to EFT or this newsletter, I highly recommend that you review past newsletters and tap along with the suggestions to help break through success and abundance comfort zones. Past newsletters may be viewed by visiting my newsletter directory. 
I appreciate those of you who have written me about your experiences and successes. I am always interested!

(Disclaimer: These EFT oriented products are provided as a good faith effort to expand the use of EFT in the world. They represent the ideas of EFT Master Carol Look and do not necessarily represent those of EFT Founder Gary Craig or EFT. While EFT has been used by thousands of therapists, nurses, social workers, psychologists, doctors, and individuals worldwide with exceptional results and minimal negative side effects, this does not mean that you will not experience any side effects. If you use EFT on yourself or others, you are advised to take full responsibility for yourself and the treatment.)


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