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The Yes Code Workshop

Using the Power of Clarity to Move from Sabotage to Success, Friday and Saturday August 29th and 30th, London, England

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Press Room

As a widely sought after speaker and guest, Dr. Carol Look is a refreshing, giving, engaging addition to your radio or television shows and corporate or inspirational workshops. You will be getting the very cutting edge of personal change work from one of the world’s best trainers and change agents: “Carol Look is a dynamic […]

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What Attendees are Saying

"My life has so dramatically changed in the past year since I tapped for 3 days with you, it is inexplicable! At that point I had just taken my 2 year EFT practice to a full time business and it has been an amazing ride! The Vibration of Abundance Retreat was the BEST investment I ever made! Those 3 days of inner shifts set into motion a dramatic shift of opportunities, circumstances, resources and people that continue to unfold and support me in miraculous ways! It has paid for itself over and over in my life, business and wallet!” --Margaret M. Lynch, Success Coach

"I want to thank you soooooooooooooooo much for the great workshop and your incredible talent at hitting the bulls-eye with people's tappable issues. It's wonderful to watch your work, how you keep people focused, how you keep things moving without getting bogged down. I was a limp noodle before I walked in. Had funfunfun all 3 days. You are a great gift for which I am truly grateful. And you are full of greatness. Big hugs to you!" --JB Jacobs

"Wow... it has been quite a high...since your unbelievable ~ ultimate abundance workshop... thankfully I have managed to continue the momentum and keep the energy going! The 're-entry into reality' when i arrived home after the workshop was interesting... and I certainly got to put my newly reclaimed power into action here right away! Impressive! Your enthusiasm, caring and supportive words mean an awful lot... and I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity once again to be a part of such a special event! Thank you for the most inspiring experience, All good things" --Randi S.

"Thank you SO much for such a life-changing experience last weekend! I don't know what I expected-- I mean, I expected it to be fantastic but WoW-- Not like that!! I am so happy I decided to attend and I am definitely on a more abundant path as a result. Your skills and intuition are at a level I hope to grow into as a therapist and the love and acceptance you exuded made my personal experience rich and freeing-- So, again, thank you! I have never been to a professional or personal conference before that has made such an impact on me-- and I've been to tons of them! I always manage to not let myself be touched personally but there was no escaping that with you! :) You are truly a master! :)" --Heidi Garis

"Just a short message to say - 'You rock!' I really enjoyed your workshops and thank you again for your insight and clarity - it is so very, very helpful, inspiring, uplifting ............ I could go on! Best wishes" --Anne H.

"THANK YOU! I attended your teleconference last evening and I wanted to say how much I enjoyed it...it was amazing. You truly are a Master in your work, I only hope some day I will be as effective, and along with facilitating smooth dialog. Thank you" --SC

"I have attended several of Carol's workshops and I have come to expect great things. Carol's Ultimate Abundance workshop was exceptional. It was so much fun, but more than that Carol attracts such wonderful, willing participants and she creates such a safe environment that people share very freely and deeply. I cleared issues I didn't even know I had, besides clearing the issues I intended to clear. I came away from the workshop with such a sense of optimism and clarity about my life. It's three months later and I'm still excited about what I learned and I'm using it every day. I am so grateful for Carol's work and I wholeheartedly recommend her workshops to anyone who wants to improve their EFT skills or simply improve their life." --Ruth B.

Please note that EFT is an experimental technique. To date, there have been no adverse side effects as a result of using this technique. However, that does not mean you will not experience any. All seminar participants who attend an EFT seminar must sign a waiver agreeing to take full responsibility for their own well-being and releasing Carol Look of all liability for any side effects as a result of this treatment.