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If you want to learn more about how you can eliminate procrastination and live up to your full potential, read below for more details.

Isn’t it time you eliminate procrastination and attract the freedom, happiness, and abundance you deserve?

Discover the EFT tapping technique that thousands have used to experience a transformative shift into a life of abundance

What if you could go to bed every night feeling relaxed, happy and fulfilled?

Imagine if in one single day you completed all your tasks at work with pride and joy, and also crossed off every item and errand on your to-do list.

You even found the time to have a fantastic workout that left you feeling energized, and got home early enough to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Best of all, you also got to enjoy some quiet “me-time”to meditate, read a book, or do something you love…

How happy and fulfilled would you feel at the end of the day?

Unfortunately, most of us end up feeling drained at the end of a busy day. And even worse, we’ve accomplished little of what we set out to do. There’s still so much work hanging over our heads, and the laundry isn’t done either. We feel exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed.

Where did the time go?

All too often, people unknowingly hand over their time to procrastination.

You see, procrastination has a sneaky way of keeping you busy, without allowing you to be productive with what you really need to do!

So what if you could eliminate procrastination for good? The good news is you can.

But first, what IS procrastination, and how do you even know when you are procrastinating?

Procrastination is defined as counterproductive, needless & voluntary

In a nutshell, procrastination is delaying, avoiding, or putting off what you need to be doing.

Whether it’s house chores, or finishing a task at work, losing
weight, applying for a better job, or pursuing a dream…
we all fall into the habit.

Unfortunately, we aren’t aware of how much the habit of procrastination robs us of freedom, time and happiness.

The compounding effects of procrastination on our overall well-being are practically infinite.

The longer we put things off, the more stressed we become. We constantly feel we don’t have the time to do what we love or pursue hobbies that make us happy. Our relationships suffer. We criticize ourselves for not getting things done or not being good enough.

All of this takes a huge toll on our overall happiness.

A research report by Case Western Reserve University, Department of Psychological Science showed:

  • Procrastination can lead to depression, irrational beliefs, low self-esteem, anxiety and poor study habits
  • Procrastination can increase levels of perceived stress, negative life events and daily hassles

Everyone has fallen into the habit of procrastination, with 20% of the general population admitting to being chronic procrastinators. That’s 1 in every 5 people whose happiness is chronically affected by procrastination.

So now that you are aware of how procrastination takes away your freedom and happiness…

Isn’t it about time you reclaimed your happiness from procrastination?

How is procrastination affecting your levels of joy? And how can you have the happiness that is rightfully yours?

Well, a good place to start is by taking a look at what happy and successful people have in common.

It’s not that they have never procrastinated. They simply know how to recognize the dangers of procrastination, and they take proactive steps to overcome unproductive habits.

“If you wait until all the lights are ‘green’ before you leave home, you’ll never get started on your trip to the top.”

~Zig Ziglar

“The really happy people are those who have broken the chains of procrastination, those who find satisfaction in doing the job at hand. They’re full of eagerness, zest, productivity. You can be, too.”

~ Norman Vincent Peale

We are so scared of being judged that we look for every excuse to procrastinate.”

~ Erica Jong, Seducing the Demon:
Writing for My Life

Now, here is the most important factor. When successful people eliminate procrastination, they’re not just getting things done. They are actually setting into motion a powerful process of attracting abundance.

Here’s how…

5 ways you attract abundance when you stop procrastinating

When you get rid of procrastination, you are free to live up to your highest potential. And when you’re free to live that best version of yourself, you can finally enjoy the abundant life of your dreams.

Here’s how you start enjoying more abundance in all areas of your life when you stop procrastinating:

You feel great about yourself

You drop one size now that you’ve started your exercise program. You feel more relaxed at home now that you’ve finally organized and uncluttered the cupboards and storeroom. You finish all your work an hour early. How awesome!

You no longer feel stressed and overwhelmed

Constantly chasing deadlines makes you stressed and overwhelmed. Once you stop procrastinating, you finish your tasks early. You now feel happy, proud and relaxed.

Your financial situation improves

Finishing priority tasks quickly and effectively earns you recognition and a good reputation. People trust you and enjoy working with you. This opens you up to a raise or a promotion, and better opportunities to move your business goals forward.

You open yourself up to new experiences

The math is quite simple. The less time you waste procrastinating, the more freedom you have to do what you want. You can finally take your family holiday, volunteer for charity, or learn a new hobby. There is an abundance of new experiences out there just waiting for you to enjoy.

You enjoy deeper relationships with your loved ones

You are more present with your loved ones now that you’re not constantly fretting over your unfinished work and to-do lists. Communication is smoother, interactions are more meaningful, laughter is more prevalent, and you forge deeper, lasting connections.

Every person has the potential to achieve all this abundance in every aspect of their life – from career to financial, health, relationships and more…

Yet, we often sabotage our own happiness by letting procrastination win.

So, what’s really holding us back from getting things done?

We procrastinate because it solves a problem

Despite knowing how sabotaging it is – we continue to procrastinate because it protects us from our fears, and surprisingly, this turns out to be more important than getting things done.

We would rather delay completing a project because we’re afraid of facing failure.

We would rather delay pursuing that business idea because we’re afraid of facing criticism.

We would rather delay working on the assignment because our perfectionism makes us afraid our work is not good enough.

In other words, procrastination solves a problem.

Procrastination protects us from criticism, judgment, possible failure, or even from success.  Procrastination keeps us safe from our fears.

So, before you can eliminate procrastination…

You need to identify your specific fears that cause you to choose procrastination over your happiness, success and abundance.

“To tell a chronic procrastinator to ‘Just Do It’ is like telling a clinically depressed person to cheer up. We need to look at the kind of procrastination people practice to understand the reason they do it and find the appropriate cure.”

~ Dr. Joseph Ferrari, Professor of Psychology, DePaul University, Chicago

Getting up close and personal with your fears

There are many different reasons people procrastinate.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of why they are procrastinating — or even when they are procrastinating.

You get so caught up being “in the moment of procrastination” — after all you are busy doing stuff, right? — that you don’t see the fears that you are trying to avoid.

This makes it hard for people to break the chains of procrastination.

Let us introduce you to a woman who has identified 4 core types of procrastination, the fears that fuel them, and how to quickly eliminate them…

Meet Carol Look…

Your success and abundance coach who’s dedicated to help you easily eliminate procrastination.

Carol Look is a licensed psychotherapist and EFT Master. She is the leading success and abundance coach in her field, and specializes in helping others to attract abundance in their lives by combining EFT – the tapping technique – and the Law of Attraction.

Before becoming an EFT Master, Carol earned a distinguished background in traditional psychotherapy. She has been trained as a Clinical Social Worker and received a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Carol discovered that combining energy healing methods with her classic training brought incredible results to her clients and unlimited success to her practice. Carol has since been a pioneer and leading voice in the EFT community for over 16 years, bringing unprecedented innovations to the application of Meridian Tapping techniques, and publishing her work for the benefit of others.

From her extensive experience in the field, Carol has learned how the habit of procrastination limits people from being the best version of themselves. Today, you have the unique opportunity to learn directly from Carol on how you too, can eliminate procrastination and live up to your highest potential.

Nip procrastination in the bud and nourish the seeds of abundance with Tapping

Tapping is a transformative healing technique based on the subtle energy system of acupuncture meridian points mapped out over 4,000 years ago.

According to ancient Chinese medicine, our mental, emotional and physical health relies on a smooth flow of energy through and among these channels or meridians.

If you have a blockage, or something in the way of the smooth flow of energy, then you need to clear the lines of energy and communication. Tapping works like emotional acupuncture to clear the congested energy that collects along the energy pathways. Instead of needles, you use your fingers to lightly tap on the meridian points.

By targeting the fears that drive your procrastination at these meridian points, you can tackle your procrastination issues at the root and instantly initiate the process for abundance to flow into your life.

For over 16 years, Carol has coached thousands of people using the tapping technique to eliminate procrastination.

With a background in psychotherapy and vast experience as an EFT Master, Carol brings to her students both the psychological insights about procrastination, and the practical experience of tapping. Her unique approach and experience provides fast, transformative and lasting results, making her a leader in the EFT community.

For the first time in her career in the energy psychology field, Carol has created an affordable tapping home-study program that anyone can access to quickly eliminate their procrastination habits and live abundantly.

Here’s what you can instantly access…

“Eliminate Procrastination:

Tapping Your Way From
Sabotage to Success”

MODULE 1: Defining the Problem

What’s the difference between procrastinating, and taking a break? How do you become aware that you are procrastinating if you are always busy doing something? Are procrastinators made or born? All your burning questions on procrastination are finally answered!

MODULE 2: Identifying the 4 PRIMARY REASONS we procrastinate

Understand the four key procrastination types that Carol has identified. Discover the underlying mental and emotional blocks of your procrastination type that keep you compelled to procrastinate.

MODULE 3: Clearing Tools

In this module, you’ll learn the 4-step clearing process of the EFT tapping technique. You’ll gain insight on how to choose a specific target and rate the intensity of targets. You’ll also be guided on creating your setup statement and knowing where to precisely tap on the 9 acupuncture points for clearing your energy system blockages.

MODULE 4: Clearing Procrastination Type 1

Your Project isn’t Ripe yet

If you are this type you may resonate with:
“I feel a lot of pressure to get something done that doesn’t feel ready yet. I don’t have all the information that I need. I feel stuck and don’t know which was to go. And worst of all, I feel guilty that I can’t get it done.”

What you’ll get:
Guided tapping sequences to clear the underlying blocks that keep you stuck and unmotivated.

The results you can expect:
You can finally move forward without hesitation to execute your business idea, write that book, launch a new campaign or execute whatever creative idea you have on your mind!

MODULE 5: Clearing Procrastination Type 2

Fear of Failure

If you are this type you may resonate with:
“I really want to start writing a book. I have a great idea but I can’t get started. What if people don’t like it and they don’t buy it? I don’t think I can face that, so it’s easier and safer for me to stay in my dead-end job.”

What you’ll get:
Guided tapping sequences to clear your blocked fears of failure, rejection and criticism.

The results you can expect:
Your passion and motivation will be ignited. You are no longer focused on other people’s reactions to your work. Creativity and inspiration to pursue your interests will start to flow, and you’ll move quickly towards the life of your dreams!

MODULE 6: Clearing Procrastination Type 3

Fear of Success

If you are this type you may resonate with:
“I really want the promotion to become manager, but if I start doing more work, I’ll outshine everyone else and make them look bad. Then my colleagues will say that I’ve backstabbed them, and I’ll lose their friendship! It’s better for me to stay under the radar and not get the promotion.”

What you’ll get:
Guided tapping sequences to eliminate your fear of shining and standing out, so you can open your energy lines to the flow of success.

The results you can expect:
You’ll no longer hold yourself back from fully utilizing your talents and gifts. You’ll be fulfilled by an exciting new path of growth and enjoy being your best self — not to mention reaping the financial rewards!

MODULE 7: Clearing Procrastination Type 4


If you are this type you may resonate with:
“My boss is too fussy. Seriously, he doesn’t even know how to do things right. I’m going to do it my way. Besides, I do my best creative work when I’m not restricted by deadlines. If they want good work, they just have to wait until I’m ready.”

What you’ll get:
Guided tapping sequences to clear your need to fight authority.

The results you can expect:
You complete work and tasks joyfully. Relationships with the people around you improve as you let go of rebellious behavior that previously limited your productivity and happiness. You find new and healthier ways to feel empowered.

Part 2: Pre-recorded “live” coaching sessions

Session #1 | Marti – “I’m afraid to rock the boat.”

Tap along with Marti as Carol leads her through deep inquiry and rounds of tapping to clear her habit of not showing up for herself. Marti clears old family issues and releases her resistance to being her best self.

Session #2 | Leslie – “It all feels like such a burden… it’s too much work.”

Tap along with Leslie as Carol helps her to identify the real causes of her procrastination with her website and workshop series. Leslie feels totally energized as she taps through her fear of being disappointed, her doubts about herself, and clears an old incident that “broke her spirit”.

Session #3 | Lynn – “It has to be perfect… or else I’ll fail.”

Tap along with Lynn who admits she’s a long time perfectionist with a compulsion to procrastinate. As Carol helps her uncover why she’s afraid to move forward with her website and business, Lynn comes to the insight that she has been stuck in a cycle of trying to get her parents’ approval.

Session #4 | Susan – “I’m convinced something’s wrong with me.”
Tap along with Susan as she uncovers her rebellion issues that show up as procrastination. Susan’s rebellion is connected to not having enough freedom and time for herself. She feels overwhelmed by her clutter, resents making an effort and frequently feels “put upon”.

Why wait until the New Year to change your life with resolutions?

You shouldn’t have to wait for the fireworks to burst in the sky. The real spark for change is inside you. You can stop procrastinating now.

Here are 3 ways we make it easy for you.

  1. Created for even the busiest person

    Each module is less than 60 minutes, making it possible for even the busiest executive to commit to the process of eliminating procrastination.

  2. Insightful & professional guidance

    You’ll be professionally guided – as if you’re getting a private session – to clear your abundance blocks for deep, lasting and transformative results you can rely on.

  3. Transformation on-the-go

    Each module track can be downloaded onto your iPod or MP3 player. Because EFT requires no additional tools, you can experience transformation on-the-go, day and night.

There’s a price to pay for every second you delay…

Have you seriously thought about the real costs of procrastination and how it is holding you back from a life of success, freedom and abundance?

Procrastination robs you of time that you can never get back. It can keep you stuck in the rut of stress and overwhelm. It holds you back from your true potential and purpose. You may never know if you could have landed that dream job or launched that creative business idea, which could have changed your life.

Plus, the emotional expense that procrastination has on your confidence, self-esteem, relationships and happiness is beyond measure.

What are success, freedom & abundance worth to you?

Today, you can make a change and get the happiness you deserve.

With “Eliminate Procrastination: Tapping Your Way From Sabotage to Success”, you’ll be getting over eight hours of guided coaching and powerful tools to eliminate procrastination.

If you were to seek individual therapy sessions or productivity coaching, you’d be paying at least hundreds of dollars per hour. To get over 8 hours of private coaching, you could easily rack up a bill of $3,000 or more.

But because Carol wants to make this program accessible to anyone determined to transform their life, you don’t even need to pay half of this. In fact, you’ll only invest a fraction of this cost.

With a small investment of $97, you can have the entire “Eliminate Procrastination: Tapping Your Way From Sabotage to Success” program, right here, right now…  

And the best part is you’ll have it for life! You can go back to the program over and over as often as you need (unlike a pricey $2,000-a-head seminar, which you can only experience once, and you only vaguely remember what they teach you.)

If it doesn’t change your life, you’re backed
by a 90 day money back guarantee

Eliminating procrastination has never been easier — and risk free! You can try out the entire program for 90 days. (That’s three whole months!)

If for any reason you feel the program is not positively transforming your abundance, productivity, happiness, or relationships then simply return the product for a FULL refund.

Order the Eliminate Procrastination home study
program NOW to…

Activate the flow of abundance today!

When you eliminate procrastination, you’re free to live up to your highest potential. And when you are free to live that best version of yourself, you can finally enjoy the abundant life of your dreams.

This isn’t a case of better late than never… the longer you wait, the more procrastination will cost you!

So don’t look back on a missed opportunity six months from now, and wish you had started today.

Eliminate procrastination right now, before it leads to stress, overwhelm and self-criticism – and enjoy the abundance, freedom, and happiness that you deserve.



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