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Attracting Abundance

Learn how to use EFT (Tapping) to attract abundance into your daily life

Meet Carol Look

Licensed psychotherapist and EFT Master combining EFT and Law of Attraction for exceptional results


I’d like to personally welcome you to our community of
people who want to enjoy an abundant life!

What if you were finally offered the right tools that really work to clear your blocks to attracting success and abundance into your life? Welcome to my site – I’m glad you’re here.

My personal passion and professional specialty is helping people attract success and live fulfilling and prosperous lives by combining the cutting-edge energy therapy technique called EFT with the Law of Attraction.

I’m dedicated to you and offering you tools and techniques to help you attract abundance into your life. I’d like to personally extend an invitation for you to experience a free training with me to help you raise your vibration and release your energetic blocks so you can start achieving as much abundance as you want and deserve.

Experience how to clear your abundance blocks with tapping techniques like gratitude tapping, refusal tapping, “what if” tapping and more.

After 16 years of coaching clients to tap into success, I was designated as one of the first EFT masters worldwide

While the reports about the tapping techniques seemed too good to be true, I was eager to try these new, effective tools that could empower my clients. I started studying tapping therapies in 1997 with Dr. Fred Gallo, a psychologist who studied with Dr. Roger Callahan – the founder of TFT (Thought Field Therapy, the original tapping method).

Shortly after learning TFT, I studied with Gary Craig, the EFT Founder, and eventually was designated as one of the first EFT Masters worldwide. The results in my life and with my clients have been nothing short of exceptional.

How should I use (EFT) Tapping?
And does it really work?

In your free training, you’ll learn more about the 9 meridian points we use for successful tapping. I will give you background information on where the practice of tapping came from, and how to do it efficiently. I’ll give you details on where to tap, the pressure to use when tapping and what statements to use for each tapping point.

My passion for sharing the gift of abundance tapping started because I was tired of struggling financially and just getting by.

After adding up my income two years in a row and noticing I had made the exact same amount of money, I knew there was a “block” to earning more. Because of my background and intensive study of EFT to that point, I knew tapping could be applied to my limiting beliefs and blocks.

I started tapping on any and every limiting belief I could think of that might be blocking my progress in attracting abundance.

Some of my limiting beliefs were:

  • “It’s impossible to earn a lot of money in my business”
  • “I’m afraid to shine and stand out”
  • “It’s not safe to be so successful”

I used EFT tapping techniques to erase my belief that I couldn’t earn more, my belief that it wasn’t safe to be successful, that it wasn’t possible to earn more, and that standing out would be unsafe…

And eventually, my tapping helped me clear so many of my limiting beliefs, I ended up increasing my income by 700%

I specialize in teaching tools and techniques that will help you learn about your limiting beliefs. In the training session, I will take you through a step by step process so you can identify the anxiety that you have and begin erasing your limiting beliefs.

Here are some of the most common fears that people face. Do any of them sound familiar?

  • I’m afraid I will fail and look stupid
  • I’m afraid I’ll “lose it” once I get it
  • I’m afraid I don’t deserve success

During the training session, I will teach you the techniques for overcoming these fears and beliefs. With this tool, you’ll be able to apply it to any emotional trauma, pain, fear, or any other area of life you’re seeking guidance.

Here's what some of my clients had to say about working
with me and attending workshops...

Not only have you helped me to help my clients release their emotional and physical pain, you also helped me to clear my own limiting beliefs. I am eternally grateful to you for all of this. Thank you for putting on such an amazing conference and for passing the torch of knowledge, you are truly a Master. I can't wait to see what you teach us next, I look forward to it. God Bless you always, Carol!

Beth O'Connor
Emotional Intelligence Coach
EFT Practitioner

Your skills and intuition are at a level I hope to grow into as a therapist and the love and acceptance you exuded made my personal experience rich and freeing-- So, again, thank you! I have never been to a professional or personal conference before that has made such an impact on me-- and I've been to tons of them! I always manage to not let myself be touched personally but there was no escaping that with you! :) You are truly a master! :)

Heidi Garis
Certified Abundance Coach
EFT Practitioner

Just a short message to say - 'You rock!' I really enjoyed your workshops and thank you again for your insight and clarity - it is so very, very helpful, inspiring, uplifting... I could go on! Best wishes.

Anne H.

3 unique tapping techniques to guide your energy for success

What If?

A unique style of tapping where instead of stating the targeted problem in your tapping sequences, you pose "What If" questions. You'll ask about what might go well, what might happen if everything worked out, what might be a pleasant surprise, what you might have misunderstood about someone's reaction and so on.


Begin by choosing a target and devising your setup phrase, for instance, "I'm afraid of success." Then when you tap on the sequence of points, alternate repeating the words "I'm afraid of success" with the contradiction, "No I'm not!" then tap and say, "Yes, I am" and "No, I'm not" – it starts moving your energy and changing your point of view quickly! Then add another twist by tapping and saying: "I refuse to be successful" which will really stir up your energy and move you forward.


While tapping on the sequence of acupoints, list all the things in your life that you feel grateful for. Do this for at least 2 rounds… Then use statements about what you'd like in the future that hasn't happened yet. For instance, your tapping statements might sound like: "I'm grateful for the solution to that work problem…" and "I'm grateful for the surprisingly good job offer…" or "I'm grateful for attracting so much abundance into my life from so many channels."

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Photo of Carol LookThank you for putting your personal growth and development first

As I mentioned earlier, I'm here for you. My goal is to help as many people as possible to reach their abundance goals, and to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. There are many resources available on my site to help you along this journey.

I know you might be feeling unsure or even skeptical about whether another technique could help you attract abundance and be successful in all areas of your life, but I know it's possible – even probable – if you use EFT Tapping on your blocks and your fears… I know because I used these techniques on myself and dramatically improved my abundance and many other aspects of my personal and professional life! I know because I have helped countless clients and workshop attendees release their blocks, stop their sabotage behavior and attract abundance into their lives.

I invite you to start tapping and enjoy your abundance journey!